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Monday, July 18, 2011

For some, sweating is more than a clammy inconvenience; it's a real problem

This week is supposed to be hot and humid. And August is coming. So sweating—or actually avoiding sweating—is on many of our minds.

But while all of us get damp when we’re out in the hot summer sun, some people have a real medical problem with excessive sweating. More than 9 million Americans, in fact, suffer from this condition, called hyperhidrosis.

Lisa Collier Cool, on her blog Healthline (an Examining Room-recommended blog), talks about how to treat this problem, which actually can be more than embarrassing and uncomfortable. She points out that excessive perspiration can lead to fungal and bacterial infections, warts and skin rashes!

Check out Lisa’s article. You’ll be surprised at some of the ways doctors treat hyperhidrosis, including zapping underarms with microwaves! I don’t think I’ll be complaining about the rivulet of sweat running down my side the next time I’m sitting in the sun!


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