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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My journey in the health care system: An intro

I recently had to have minor surgery. I went to the Shoreline Medical Center in Guilford, convenient to where I live in Branford.

Unfortunately, when I woke up from anesthesia, there was a complication, so the doctor sent me to the emergency department.

The ambulance was called, and two wonderful EMTs lifted me onto a gurney, put me in the ambulance and drove me … downstairs.

Even though I was going to another part of the same building, I had to go by ambulance.

Rob Hutchison, a spokesman for Yale-New Haven Hospital (Shoreline Medical Center is a satellite), said it’s a problem of staffing.

“We don’t have the personnel” in Guilford to transport patients to the ED, he said, so private ambulance services are hired. “We have transport teams and co-teams in New Haven that are dedicated to transporting patients from one area of the hospital to another. We just don’t have those teams out at Shoreline.”

It’s like if you were walking by a hospital and had a heart attack. They wouldn’t come out of the hospital with a gurney and wheel you in. An ambulance would be called.

It’s all part of the complex American health care system in a specialized, litigious society.

(By the way, after a second ambulance trip to the Yale-New Haven ED, with “lights and sirens,” I was pronounced OK and sent home.)

Here’s another story from the American health care system:

At Yale Medical School, in New Haven and at the West Campus, scientists like Dr. Joseph “Yossi” Schlessinger are examining the genes that control our cells and sometimes make them go out of control. This is the world’s best hope for defeating the scourge of cancer. Companies are investing money in this work, hoping to bring the new treatments to market.

This highly technical, cutting-edge work could some day result in a prescription that will shrink a tumor.

This blog will focus on medicine and health care, from cutting-edge research to the daily challenges of caregiving. Through our reporting, information from New Haven’s two research hospitals and news from around the world, this will be the place to keep up with the ever-changing, complex, fascinating world of medical care.

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